22 May 2017

This week will be a good one!

That's rough for M... But he can look on the bright side, the repentance process has already started, he's just gotta keep pushing forward. He's helping himself become better, and he has already become a great example for everyone. He's started down one of the most difficult but most fulfilling paths we can take in this life. It's SO much easier to just bury what's in the past instead of digging it up to throw it away once and for all like he's chosen to do. So if you tell him anything from me, let him know that he's getting a 100% sincere and proud "Congratulations and keep up the good work!" from me.

Congrats on the garden and good luck protecting it haha :P (We've got a lot of deer and rabbits around.)

Thanks for getting some of my supplies for school. As for things like bedding and towels I'm just gonna keep using my mission stuffs. I'll gladly accept a pot or two and some utensils. I'll probably end up eating a lot of rice I think.

So this week I had the opportunity to do two baptismal interviews! One for one companionship of sisters and one for our zone leaders. We had a short division where I went to the area of the ZLs and one came to our area. While I did the interview, R... was talking with the elders here and they set his baptismal date for Saturday! Hopefully he was sincere in accepting this time.

This week will be a good one! We're going to the temple Wednesday, zone conference Thursday, one more baptismal interview for the zone leaders Friday, and possibly R...'s interview Friday followed by his baptism Saturday, and confirmation Sunday!

Haha Lundy buff after all :P Oh! so I had the goal to be capable of completing the workout routine in
10 minutes by the end of the transfer... I managed in 9 minutes already at the beginning of the week!!
It took me a whole hour when I started three weeks ago.

That sounds like an awesome eagle scout project. Seriously... 
(One of our young men in our ward restored a run down cemetery.)

That sounds great about the new temple prep class! Hahahaha... if you were to teach the youth "just do it" you'd get numerous Shia LaBeouf references. If you don't know what I'm talking about just look him up quickly on youtube.

Anyways, I love you!!https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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