08 May 2017

my new daily fitness plan

I'm excited for the call as well! (We get to Skype for Mother's Day)

People tell me I'm pretty patient and stuff too, but it's that
A) I've learned how to pass large amounts of time without much thought, and
B) I'm similar to you in that I don't just blow up like others :P 

R... still hasn't given up coffee, but our ward mission leader and his wife (who teaches gospel principles) saw this week how close he's coming to baptism and they complimented him and gave him more support and told me that they'd fast specifically to help him with that.

F... We went to her this week and "confronted" her about smoking and yes she felt
ashamed but I believe she'll be alright. I'm just a bit nervous because she missed out on
church this Sunday too but this time her grandson M..., who attended, told us that she
woke up sick :( So first things first, make sure she's getting better, and hope she's not just
faking to not have to go (which is what my comp is thinking) then I'll tell her about grandma
 if she doesn't show signs of being able to give it up.

My week was pretty good. Elder Beatty (from my group that entered the mission) is the
mission secretary and he called Tuesday night to inform me that our flight plans had already
arrived! (But today I already received an email from him saying that Pres. Silcox has extended our missions... by two days... so we're all getting new flight plans. Stay tuned for more info on this point in a week or two...)

We had interviews with the president this week and that went well. I told him about my new
daily fitness plan :3 Last week Carl (Friend from home) reminded me of an anime character
who became the strongest man in the universe by doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats
and running 10k everyday for 3 years (and never used air conditioning) Well the character
also went bald afterwards. So I started doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping-jacks every day (minus Sunday) and a few more random things to fill in the 30 minute time slot for exercises. Not exercising Sunday will keep me from becoming the strongest man in
the universe but I also won't go bald due to the exercises haha. But seriously... I can already
SEE a difference in my muscles! :D

I also realized a little something due to getting fit and healthy while in the mission: Our
spiritual sensitivity is much stronger when we're healthier. (Well duh, the Lord told us that
through the Word of Wisdom... but now I'm actually seeing it in my life.)

Anyways, I love you! 

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