13 June 2017

Back in an old area...

(Back in an old area...Do they remember you?) It's AWESOME!!! Everybody remembers me and I was greeted by big smiles, happy handshakes, big hugs, and some sisters that said "if you weren't and elder I'd hug you" haha :)

My week here was pretty great! The best thing about this week is that I arrived just in time to see the baptism of R..., a boy that I taught a little with Ewerton and Soares.

My companion is Elder Nascimento he will be turning 21 this year.. He's gonna end his mission in August or October. He's only been here for one transfer so I know the area better than he does almost. Something cool about him: His family is pretty big. I believe he has 8 siblings. He and some of the other were adopted as babies. He ended high school early and has gone to college already and studied gastronomy!  So the eatin's good :) We're thinking that President Silcox wants to fatten me up a little before sending me home so he doesn't have to deal with angry parents haha. (Elder Lundy lost a lot of weight in Brazil)

Busy week for sure! Anyways, have a safe trip!! Love ya!  I'm glad you guys got to have this fun weekend together! (Mom and Dad spent a much needed weekend away with family friends)

I had to stop with the exercises because I got a bit sick but I started up again and boy is it difficult if I just stop for a week haha

Those boys still chew everything up huh? haha And Aunt Edie keeps supplying them with stuff hahaha (Our dogs get pampered by our Edie. They can chew thru anything and I do mean anything. lol Even the toys that say: indestructible.)

That's sad that an injury like that is enough to finish off a chicken :( (We had a chicken break her leg and she died before we could help her get healed.)

Bridget is awesome for sures! (Elder Lundy's sister is helping him with registration for College.)

Anyways, I don't have much more to say.

I love you!!https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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