07 June 2017

You have no idea where I am right now!!! :)

You have no idea where I am right now!!! Transfers were today, not tomorrow.

President closed Vila Ema (my area) and told me that I would be transferred to... BRAS CUBAS!!!!!! I'm back in Bras Cubas to end my mission!! I'm super super happy about this! 
My companion is Elder Nascimento, I already know him and I like him and all so it's all good.

Okay, my birthday was pretty good. The sisters in my district bought me a little cake, and at night Elder Puga and I bought one of the more expensive pizzas.

I'm pretty good already. My nose is still a little annoying. I got better after about 4 days.

Hahahahaha. You do scare me a bit with what you're able to do through social media.
I'm glad the week worked out for everyone. (I needed to get support for some important things happening in our ward so I hit social media kind of hard, and played the guilt card.)

OKay so the situation with Vila Ema... President Silcox closed the area to missionary work. The mission is getting really small lately. Our ward mission leader made that announcement during his testimony at the end of the sacrament meeting and the whole place went silent. So as for R... He started avoiding us so I've got no idea. I believe F... has managed to stop smoking again!
That's sad that your ward member are having problems with some of the commandments :( I'll be home in 6 weeks and I'm already planning my homecoming talk on repentance so let's see if I can help.

How's Elder M... (that's his name right?) He's got a hug arriving for him soon!
haha Haha those boys. (I taught our dogs to eat radishes) I'm getting much better with my eating habits. I'm not as picky anymore. But put some fish in front of me and see if I touch it hahaha :P
So imma finish my mission with a bang of course! Especially now that I'm back in my favorite ward! Imma do whatever I can to help these people out. Hopefully I'll be able to baptize someone here so I can say I baptized in all my areas haha.

 Yay for the Bang! (I challenged Elder Lundy to not go trunky!)

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