05 October 2015

My first Companion - Elder Webster

My first Companion  - Elder Webster

Handmade Scripture case that Elder Lundy bought.

Sister's Hilton and Charles in front,
Elder Lundy Webster and Kebker in back.

Elder Lamb.
This guy and I are going to be author buddies in the future

What Elder Lundy Currently looks like.

Okay first off.... I'm really sorry for not putting up the I Love You hand sign when I left airport security. I can't express how sorry I am about that. Every time I think about it I start tearing up or even crying. I really do love you so much and I'm sorry for not saying it more.
And I knew you would say that about the hand sign but I needed to say what I said.
Anyway, I love you, I love you, I love you 

So Elder C. Santos is 20 and has been on his mission for about 15 months I think. 
We're currently in a trio because another Elder in a nearby area needed a companion to stay with during this unexpected transfer because his companion had a heart attack and is currently being taken care of in the capitol.
So for the first time in my life I was actually excited for general conference. (and not only so I could rest my feet :P ) I actually got things out of it and I realized as each session ended that I wished it was longer! I watched the beginnings of most sessions in português until the english version was set up for me in another room. I only got to see the final session completely in english.
I'm in Taubaté. I think Guaratingueta is my zone currently.
General Conference was a live broadcast with a português dub over it, but the bishop set up a tv in another room that had the regular english version so I could understand.

So I'm taking up the ponderize challenge. My scripture this week is:  "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" John 10:27
I'll be ponderizing in english and português.

My feet are starting to heal a little... OH! and my jeans that I brought barely fit now! I have to use my belt to keep them up and that barely works because my belt doesn't have a hole to make it really tight enough for me anymore.

Um.. I guess that's it for now...
I love you.

I told Elder Lundy about John being baptized this past Sunday...His responce "AH!!! AWESOME!! tell him congrats for me please!!"

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