27 October 2015

Elder Lundy's Apartment/Home

Pictures of Elder Lundy's Apartment/Home
Living room

The Closet room

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The Bed room

Yeah, sorry about all the snacks that I left haha. The trees here are really starting to come to life and a lot of them are growing fruit. 

Question answering time
1 I'm using the Portuguese hymnal because I keep forgetting to use my mini one so I have to use the one a church. And yes I can sing in sacrament more or less.
2 I haven't really been studying either much recently but I'm starting to be better about it. To clarify I haven't really been using the books to study either of them but I've been practicing with the other Elders. 
3 The language is getting a little more difficult because people recognize me a little more now so they're not talking as slowly as they did when I first arrived.
4 I got my jeep shirt at a little shop near the MTC on my third or fourth p-day. There's a member lady who has a little shop specifically for missionaries. 
5 (What do I know about my companion?) Still not much. It's hard to communicate with the guys. I know he likes a bunch of the same anime as me. (not exactly what you were looking for, I know :P)
6 I'm sleeping alright now. Mainly because I'm always exhausted at night because I'm actually doing stuff now including getting out of bed at 6:30 every morning. But I still wake up around 5:50 to 6 every morning cause that's just when my body wakes up.

Okay, other than that... I'm apparently famous at a glasses shop in Taubaté now. Three of the Elders needed new glasses in the last two weeks so we were there a few times. One of the young men from the ward works there so he was introducing us to everyone and he always made sure that the people knew that I was from the U.S. haha. We were proselyting in a far off area and there were three employees waiting to take the bus to work and they saw us and were waving energetically.
Oh! I started reading the Book of Mormon on my second day in Taubaté and I finished it in 22 days! So now I've restarted it and I'm reading a chapter in English then rereading it in Portuguese. I accidently fell asleep while reading once and Elder D. Silva took a picture to use as blackmail or something and I came back at him with a scripture. 1st Nephi 1:7 when Lehi was "overcome by the Spirit" and returned to his house, collapsed on his bed and had a vision. :3 As Nephi said in 1st Nephi 19:23 we need to like the scriptures unto ourselves, so that's what I did haha.
And another thing. There's a man that I've seen at the bus station twice now that I'll be trying to talk to about the church if I see him again. He likes the appearance of foreigners so he waved us over the first time he saw me to say hi and introduce himself. We saw him a second time while we were walking home from something. He remembered me and said hi and stuff again. I was too nervous each time to really talk to him but I'll try harder next time.

OH!! I'm going to the Campinas Temple on Wednesday!!

I guess that's all! I love you!!!https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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