16 November 2015

I've officially lost 21 kg (46.3 pound)


I've officially lost 21kg (46.3 pound) since the start of my mission!

Okay answers to your questions:
1. Who is your new companion?
 Elder M. Pereira

2. What do you know about him?
 He is 18, has 10 months on the mission, he's gained about 13kg on his mission, he played basketball before the mission and doing this messed up his knees

3. Where is he from?
 He's from Fortaleza

4. How is it going - getting around town I mean?
 I don't really know how to get to many places but he's pretty good with getting around.

5. Did you have Elder C. Santos sign your neck tie?
 I did have C. Santos sign my tie.

6. Did M... and her son G....... get baptized this past weekend?
 They did get baptized! I didn't get to attend though because we already had a commitment during that time. She said that we're gonna have a little "WE'RE MORMONS!" party later though haha.

7. Who took Elder Bicca's place?
 Elder Martinez, he's from Guatemala. He's pretty cool. He came from the same casa as my friend Elder Beatty (from the mtc)

8. How's the toe doing this week?
 My toe is getting better slowly. It's no longer pussy at the end of the day, but there's still blood on the bandage.

9. Is Elder Matos still there helping you on your Portuguese? How is his English coming?
 Elder Matos is actually in Caçapava now training an new American! He calls every once in a while and talks with me though, asks how everything is going, making sure everything is fine and all.

10. Hey how is it going asking a barber to cut your hair for you? Does he do what you want?
 I got my hair cut the Friday before leaving the MTC and haven't done it again since but yeah it went well. I got a 2 on the sides and back and scissors on the top. A super basic Brazilian/missionary haircut I guess.

Okay, honestly, my fears were made worse by my knew companion for the majority of this week, but on Sunday it kinda all worked itself out. I gave a talk during sacrament about missionary work and I talked about my struggle to get on a mission and the blessings that came from it already and then the fact that every member is a missionary and I talked about Dad's conversion. Elder M. Pereira said I talked for about 13 minutes. Honestly about 3 was spent in silence trying not to cry. (I did a lot of that this week...) After sacrament I got a lot of complements on my Portuguese because apparently I'm a bit more advanced than most people thought (due to the fact that I don't talk much because I never know what to say) Then later we went to the house of a part member family and taught the lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the non member father who's been investigating the church for many months now but never agreed to get baptized. M. Pereira included me a lot more than I've participated in other lessons so far and then at the end I extended the baptismal invitation and he accepted! So we're aiming for the 6th of December for his baptism. It was after my talk and after that moment in the family's home that I finally started feeling better.

Other than that... I've got nothing. 

I love you!

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