09 November 2015


(I told Elder Lundy that we are up to 8-9 Roosters in our flock and that we were going to have to say goodbye to most of them.)
Darn roosters :( We've got one nearby our casa that's always crowing (is that the right word? Not sure)

Sister Charles wrote you again?! Yay! She's wonderful. And I feel that her culture shock experiences are a bit more extreme than mine.

(I was teasing Elder Lundy about his pants slipping because of his weight loss)
I poked the hole in my belt after almost running out of my pants. That event was the indicator that it was time to make the new hole. And I think I'm kinda getting into shape. We did a service project helping a family move. Elder D. Silva lent me a shirt that could "get dirty" (aka a plain black shirt) and It was basically a muscle shirt on me haha. 

As for the shaving, I'm all good on razors and I'll have to start the second container of shaving cream soon. And my skin's somewhat alright, but my left cheek specifically is a bit roughed up.

I'll be praying for Diana! (tell me if she does anything funny if she has to use the loopy gas stuff)

Okay, other than that here's the rest of my week:
I found two little otakus in my ward! :3 We had lunch at the family's house and apparently someone mentioned to the son of the family that I like anime, so he asked me to confirm then he and his older sister proceeded to show me their personal artwork from different anime and cartoons that they enjoy and
A) I recognized what their art was from,
B) A bunch of the drawings were from some of my favorite animas , and
C) They're art was really really good!

We had two baptisms on Saturday! M..... and M..... M. is the girlfriend of one of the members from our ward, and M. is someone the other Elders met. He was interested in multiple churches and "stumbled upon" the missionaries, took the lessons, and wanted to get baptized.
Possibly at the end of this week Ala 2 will have two more baptisms, a mother M. and her son G.
The other big news is that
A) we were wrong about transfers, they're tomorrow, and
B) Elder Bicca AND MY TRAINER Elder C. Santos are being transferred. We're a bit confused about that. And I'm pretty nervous because
A) I'm still having lots of trouble communicating with people and
B) I don't know the area well enough to get to and from many places.

Oh, and I tried to do a foot surgery... on myself. And I failed. I got an ingrown toe nail and it's been quite the nasty little bugger. I've had it for about a week now, and it MIGHT be getting better.
I've been putting table salt directly on it because that's the best we've got at the moment. 
I think that's all now...
haha yeah...
I love you mom.
I gotta go now though. Times up :(

I love you a lot!! Byebye!!

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