30 November 2015

Where's he going in Brazil

I'll bet the Skouson house is full of excitement! Where's he going in Brazil again?
For Thanksgiving, we were at P.....'s house to celebrate his dad's 39th birthday. I did buy food like you told me to though. I told the guys (the other elders in the apartment) they could get whatever they wanted and I'd pay. Their response: Wide eyes, "Really?! Well in that case..." They jokingly grabbed a giant cake that cost 100 reais. haha We got stuff for *cough* weak *cough* hamburgers. So yeah, not turkey haha.  Then they asked the limit. I said 50 reais cause I really didn't know what limit I should set. We got bread, cheese, "hamburger patties", barbeque sauce, and some drinks. It ended up being about 80 reais haha.

We've got a new family of investigators. The mom seems interested and excited, the dad was interested about some things, and the 4 year old girl was asking her parents when we were going to leave haha. Our other investigators are progressing well. :) My Portuguese depends on the person I'm talking with. If the person speaks well and enunciates (hope I spelled that right) then I can usually understand them and reply correctly.

I am eating, we have lunch everyday, and dinner most days, and today I made breakfast for myself. As for service, we helped set up for the ward talent show on Saturday. That was a fun event. I wanted to sing something, but I kinda had an anxiety attack while thinking about signing up and for the rest of that day. Luckily M....... (ward 2's newest member) showed up and sat with me and we talked. I'm really happy I had the chance to meet her. She reminds me of the Haworths, the happier she is the louder she gets haha :D 
Well, I'm running out of time so byebye
I love you a lot

I love you lots! 

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