15 August 2016

1 Year Mark in the Mission Field!

Questions/Answers time:
1. What's one thing that inspired you this week to work harder? Our new investigators G... and T... They're very humble and interested, and even accepted to visit church the moment we invited.
2. Who impressed you with the most growth this week? Elder Ewerton! When I arrived another brazilian elder was teasing him saying "Oh you finally got an american companion. Now you're gonna work hard and you're not gonna like it at all" He was saying that Americans work hard and Brazilians don't (even though that elder is Brazilian) Well it was a bit like that. I was always pushing as to do a bit more which Ewerton wasn't used to because of his last companion's work habit. But this week, he was the one pushing us to work harder! :)
3. Where do you think you had the most growth? Not really sure...
4. When will you be going to the mission home again? No idea, but President Silcox will be coming out here for interviews this week! :)
5. Where you introduced to any new foods lately? Nope... Really I don't even feel like the food here in Brazil is really that different.
6. How is your health? I'm doing alright. I've been eating a bit too much paçoca lately so I've been having a bit of stomach troubles, but the paçoca is almost all eaten up so I'll be all good soon! 
7. What new spiritual thing did you learn this week. Well, the majority of our investigators have some sort of word of wisdom/vice issue so I told president that I would focus my study on that and this week he told me to focus on charity because it's directly linked to overcoming vices. So that was a new one to me!

That's pretty cool about the blog! I know that my friend B... from the Jardim Tietê ward has been checking out and she said it was helping her get psyched up for her mission!
So today, Ewerton and I went to his favorite restaurant Rock and Ribs to celebrate his 19th birthday tomorrow and me reaching the one year mark this week! We got GIANT burgers that took almost an hour to eat. Ewerton didn't finish his and I was feeling light headed after finishing mine haha :3 It was fun
I don't know if I told you yet, but I'm learning sign language too! Our area has quite a few deaf people and one I... has a deaf daughter so she does sign language interpreting at church for her and she's also teaching a free sign language class at church Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Welp, that's what I got for you this week!

I love you!

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