08 August 2016

The week Alice arrived (My Niece)

(This week Elder Lundy had another niece arrive... "Alice" Born on Friday to his
Sister Bridget and Brother-in-law Ron. "Diana one of his other sisters is due this week but
we are all praying that her baby doesn't come until a few weeks from now.
She told us he is running small. Like the size you (Elder Lundy) were born at.
We want her baby a lot larger if possible. I know your fine now. But it would have been a lot
easier on us all if you had been bigger.") 
Ha ha good thing you threw in that last line.
My first thought was a sarcastic response, "Oh  so I wasn't big enough huh?
Well how 'bout now?" :P

1. How is brazil reacting to the Olympics? 
I'm still not hearing too much...

2. Did the sweet sister get your shirts tailored?
I still haven't taken any more to her but I've got
three tailored shirts now!

3. What happened with transfers? Or is that in a few weeks. I'd check my notes but they
are at home. 
It's still in a couple weeks.

4. Tell me about the special person you're teaching! 
Which one? They're all special :P But hmm...
It seems like M... might be able to get baptized not too long from now!
She already follows the word of wisdom without even knowing about it!

5. What's happening with the list of lost members you found? Are you teaching any of them? 
We managed to set some visits with a few of them!!

6. What's different this week?
 I've been pretty tired (like always) so Ewerton was pushing me to work harder which
helped a lot.

7. Are you praying morning and night with Elder Ewerton? Things will develop/progress
much faster if you do this with him.
Only in the morning...

8. What are your impressions of your town?
It's nice. It's pretty calm.

I'm gonna try to attach a picture of Ewerton and I with the torch and the runner
Oh! So I got to tell your story about how you helped out our ward's Sisters being scolded by the
mission president (of our home's mission) (and how you stood up for what they were doing
for you and your ward) during the zone conference this week and you got the
approval of two whole zones of missionaries (and President and Sister Silcox I think)
I don't really have much this week because I've got a major headache and can't think
too well  right now. Sorry.

I love you!

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