29 August 2016

A New Companion Elder Soares

So I'll start with the answers to the questions:

1. What is your companions name? Elder Soares

2. Where is he from? Teresina, Piaui. It's a part of the north east of Brazil 
(All of my Brazilian comps have been from the north east so far ha ha)

3. How old is he? 18 and he'll turn 19 in December

4. Is he the Junior companion? Yup

5. Is he a worker? Yup. He's a really good teacher

6. What do you know about his family? 
They're all members. He's the youngest. One of his sisters entered the MTC a week after he did and is in the São Paulo Sul mission!

7. How long has he been out? 
7 months. He arrived one transfer before Ewerton.

8. How did it go with the lessons with your investigator and his parents? 
It went really well! G... told us that he has a testimony that what we've taught him and what he's read in the book of Mormon is true! He laid down one night and decided to ask the Lord is what we said was true and he said that his body went cold on the outside and started burning a little on the inside and that was when he realized that it is all true. Now we just need to work a bit more with 
T... and get them married

9. What are you studying this week? 
This week I'm studying the part of preach my gospel that teaches about planning and stuff because I need to get better about that and I'll have to do training on that tomorrow.

Saturday I weighed myself in the morning at 169lbs, then played basketball with the other elders and some of the young men from the two wards. Afterwards I weighed in at 166lbs... but I'm probably back up to 170lbs already ha ha 
Well it's not that I'm not eating any better by not eating.. It's that I'm just eating stuff like burgers and such which I don't consider eating well anymore :P

Yeah cold here is reaching 60 or a little below... (I've become a weakling) But yeah, I'm still dying from the heat during the day... it's annoying.

Well the success this week was with G... The frustration: I hate using the phone so I left it with Ewerton when he was here but now I'm the one who has to use the phone all the time so I forgot to call all our investigators
Saturday night to see if anyone would be going to church... 
we didn't have anyone at church yesterday.

That's awesome about Caleb! What happened to Maddie that she needed stitches?? Congrats for Tiffany!

I'd like to get started on my admissions papers for BYUI but I've got no idea what to do or how to do it or if I can even do it here.

Anyways, I love you! 

Picture from Elder Ewertons page

Another Picture from Elder Ewertons page

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