02 August 2016

The Olympic Torch 2016!

On 26 July, the relay passed through the cities of Suzano, Mogi das Cruzes and Jacareí on it prepared to leave the state.  Before reaching Rio on Wednesday afternoon, the flame visited towns close to the state border including Taubaté and Ubatuba.


I find it funny that people say you're going to be an uncle 'again' as if I stopped being an uncle :P(Elder Lundy's sister is having her baby any day now.) 

(I asked him what happened to his shoes.)I threw them away the week they were destroyed. I've been using the other identical pair for a while now. They're pretty roughed up, but months ago I started just using them during church and fancy dress occasions and just using my black tennis shoes every other day. 
Elder Ewerton and Elder Lundy

I bought the clothes I wore at "Vulture's Peak" when I was still in Jardim Tietê. Vulture's Peak is a mountain in our zone. We walked over an hour to get there (because I was the only one with money to pay for a train ticket because everyone always wastes their money) then hiked up the mountain for about 2 hours. The trip back down was much faster because we took the muddy adventure path back down. And thanks to my boy scout skills I was the first down and cleanest at the end. ("Thanks to my boy scout skills" never thought I'd say that!) The torch event was pretty cool but of course it wouldn't have been anywhere near as cool if I was there without my zone. There was a lot of waiting and when the torch passed it was super quick and I almost missed it the first time but we went to the ceremony area and I got to see it a little better. The event ended around noon. No one was really interested in talking with a group of religious people while waiting for the torch sadly :( Well that's about it for me for now,
I love you!!

Picture from Elder Ewerton

Picture from Elder Ewerton

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