22 August 2016

The Week Jack Arrived!

AY!!! Bigger family! (Another one of Elder Lundy's Sisters gave birth this past week. She had a son who she named Jack. He's named after his Great Great Uncle.)

1. How are G... and T... doing? They're doing well! We're teaching G...'s mom and stepfather now too. Oh! and they asked if they could invite more people to be present at the next visit!

2. Are you learning (ALS) sign language? I'm learning Libras (LIngua BRAsileira de Sinais) Brazilian sign language

3. How was President Silcox's visit for interviews last week? They went well! I got to tell him about the new members of the family and about Elder Kolb's new mission call

4. How did your studying on charity go to learn about overcoming vices? I didn't end up studying about charity this week because I was pretty preoccupied studying for the Plan of Salvation lesson for G... and his family

So I got to do three baptismal interviews for the sisters in Mogi Centro this week. They were all very cool and different. I think they were some of the more special interviews I've had the opportunity to do.

Elder Ewerton is being transferred tomorrow. I'm gonna be sad to see him go, but it's gonna be a really good experience for him. He's going to open an area and train a new elder! 

Welp anyways I love you!

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