03 October 2016

Conference Weekend

There might be some baptisms during this next transfer here in this area, but I'm going to be in a different area so yeah...

I liked conference. I got to see it all. I don't really remember much at this moment due to the whole overload situation. We asked some of our investigators to go - but, we couldn't get them to go. They were busy. We did get to see the priesthood session because our house is literally 3 minutes walk from the church.

At this moment, my stomach is worse. The peanut products were paçoca (a Reese's like thing without the chocolate) and actual peanuts...

Transfers are tomorrow. 
I'm going to Tiradentes in Itaquera to be comps with Elder Alves.
I already know him and I like him. He's ending his mission soon I think. 

My companions so far: Elder Webster, Elder Kebker, Elder C. Santos, Elder Matos, Elder M. Pereira, Elder Furtado, Elder Medeiros, Elder Ewerton, Elder Soares, and tomorrow 
Elder Alves. Most of them have signed my tie.

That stinks about the flu (I've been sick this past week) :( I've had a cold or allergies this week and it wiped me out for a bit.
I saw Santos again because every week we have district meetings and the whole zone gets together in the same church building.

I had a cool experience this week. As I was leaving the chapel last night after conference
I told a few members that I'd probably be transferred and one Irmão, Irmão W......, gave
me a hug and told me I changed a lot of things in the ward. I may not be good at baptizing
but I'm able to do something. And it made me even happier that it was him because this
Irmão has a history of not getting along with/approving of the elders that pass in the area.

I love you

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