17 October 2016

Stomach virus again

First things first. 
I think I got a stomach virus again and I've been throwing up a bit this morning. 
And I started throwing up at 6 am, then again at 8 and 9... 
I'm only doing the minimum today.

Second, my connection is terrible. 

Third this is gonna be short because I'll return to our house soon.

Oh, Elder Alves says hello!

So  I got to go to the temple and afterwards I went to the Deseret store and bought 
root beer!!!! But it was super expensive. 2 cans were about 14 reais. But boy was it good.

We're going to have to have President Silcox interview one of our investigators but I think she might pass. If she does she can be baptized whenever. 
You can add the requests on to Facebook please and thanks. 
The majority of the people are from my last zone. 
Even Mauro Leal (my last bishop) searched me out on Facebook. 
I find that cool :)

I love you too,

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