23 January 2017

A new president sworn into office last Friday!

(I like to challenge our children. So this week I challenged Elder Lundy... Here's a challenge for you - Every morning when you get up I want you to say...Today I am going to ask the Lord to provide me with a willing soul to be taught. Then get on your knees and ask him for that very person. Then put the happiest smile on your face and go about your day. It helps to listen to the still small voice after that prayer.)
I'll try out your challenge.
This week was wet as well. We had rain everyday all day... We managed to get some new investigators! And we got another referral who actually was referred to us in person this Sunday at church!
Poor Sis A... and Br S. :( (I'll be honest the first thing I thought when I read about Sis A... was "Do what you're told and you won't get hurt")
Something that put a smile on my face this week: Elder Ewerton called to tell me that our investigator G... from Bras Cubas was recently baptized! Then while Ewerton and I were chatting he told me he considers me as his Pai (mission slang: Pai, translation: dad, used for trainers) instead of his real trainer.
Something else great is that F...'s mom visited the church this Saturday for the Work Forum that was held. She finally visited! Now we need to get her to go on Sunday!
Best thing I ate this week... not sure, but I made lunch for us two time this week. The second was legit :3 I made chicken stroganoff! That happens to be the thing I learned this week too.
We got two new investigators this week! We had to go around in the rain a lot this week. My feet were always wet :/ but at least it finally worked out.
I'll keep trying with the pictures but idk if they'll work.
Wow... (Internet) connection is pretty annoying when it hides from us.
I'm curious what you think about Trump becoming president. Everyone here is freaking out like it's the end of the world (Brazil loves Obama...) It's rather annoying because everyone keeps asking me what I think and I don't have an opinion...
So this week we'll have a worldwide training session! It'll be cool.

Anyways, I love you! 


Message: People have the wrong idea about repentance. People always get nervous or even scared to confess and to repent but that's not what should happen. Christ, our elder brother, didn't and doesn't want us to suffer. He doesn't want us to have to deal with fear, pain, and shame. He paid the price for us and is asking us all to repent so that we don't need to carry around those feelings and that emotional and spiritual weight. But... he can't help us unless we let him.

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