16 January 2017

We'll just have to work harder

Poor Sister Lindsay...(Our Sister Lindsay is being transferred her last transfer after being in our ward for 11 months) but I hope everything works out well for her in her new area.
Wow :( that's rough for the M...Family (A member in our ward had their home burn to the ground : / )

We've been getting out and working more. But of course because we're putting in more effort, our commitments started falling through more :/ We'll just have to work harder. 

We didn't do anymore sanding this week because the brother didn't call us for it. But I did start up exercising again. AND I started playing in the kitchen. Our lunch fell through Saturday and my companion doesn't cook, so I ended up making our food. (This is the 4th time this transfer I think) I made us hamburger and rice filled omelets :3 I also tried out making cinnamon flavored sweet rice and it wasn't half bad! I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 172 pounds.

I've said many times that agency is annoying... but oh well nothing we can do about it. (Our ward had a RS activity and only 20 sisters showed :p) Carl and Matt still write me and stuff :) 

And bytheway, I've found it's really easy to do stupid humor in Portuguese because they have SO MANY words that have multiple definitions like the word for sock is "meia" which also can mean half and 6 (half dozen) I've already made a few jokes just with that word. :3

I love you too!

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