11 January 2017

Sanding for Service...

Something new I learned about my comp... He's not too excited to go out and work,
but I think he and I will be able to help each other. I'm not too big a fan of this area
because it's full of apartments which are difficult to work with so I'm not too excited
to go out and work here either, but we had one day where we spent nearly 12 whole
hours out and working (honestly a lot of that time was spent walking) but it seemed
like he was kinda proud of himself for managing to stay out an working for that whole time.
We managed to find a few of our referrals and at least one of them marked for a visit
this Tuesday! This week was alright.

We got to help out with a service project again. Sanding the plastered walls of a
brother's new apartment to prepare to paint. Elder Moreira has decided that I've got a
sanding machine in my hand because I was two times faster than him and he was the
 one that was working with sanding thingy (not and electric sander, just a sander with a handle)
We also had two groups of people call us out in the street to talk with us and ended up
getting their contact info... sadly (for us) they live in the other elders' area.

(I asked Elder Lundy when was the last time he went to the mission home.)
I rarely get to the mission home. The only people that go are the Zone leaders once a
month for a leadership meeting. And there are the people that need to go to take care
of legal stuff and such.

My bed is still in the same place. I'm just glad
I've got a bed instead of that small couch. My allergies aren't too bad. We've been
having a lot of rain so there's not really a lot of pollen or anything.
We've been able to help a bit more with service projects and I'm "teaching" English to
my Christmas Skype host family. 

I'm still annoyed with being a district leader, but I think I at least discovered why. 
I don't like being the middle-man. 
I asked Elder Lundy where a certain family was moving to when they come to the U.S.A..
They plan on going to Utah because they've got a medical thing set up for one of their sons there. Their son was bitten or something like that and he's alright now, but they want to make sure that he's better than alright.

We had a lot of rain lately. And it's just gonna continue until March I've heard.
Ha-ha for some reason I thought about South Carolina getting snow this week!

Anyways, I love you!

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