31 January 2017

Rice Burgers

I didn't really have any successes but my district did. The elders from Tiradentes 1 (I'm in Tiradentes 2) baptized a young woman Saturday and have three more youth for this week and one of them happens to live in our area. But we all only found out this week, because they always taught him in the church.

Our new investigators C... and M... are alright I think. We only managed to visit them once this week and only M... was home. They're part of a part member family (the only members, C...'s daughters, are inactive and have moved away) and have already had a lot of experience with the elders and the church. Our first step is that we need them to return to church and see if they change their minds a little.

This week was rather slow. There was the world wide training this week and it was basically just a revision of last year's training session. But someone (I forgot who) said something I liked. "I know I'm teaching by the Spirit when I learn with what I said"
I did some baptismal interviews this week too which were cool. It's been a while since the last one I did.

I "cooked" rice, burgers, and fries for lunch Tuesday. It was alright. One Ir... made sweet rice for us this week because I asked her how to make it last week. That was good. :)

I ended up getting kinda sick at the end of the week. Stomach problems like always. They're really annoying.

Anyways, I love you!

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